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Blockchain Investment Manager/Analyst/Intern

1.Research and analyze latest blockchain industry trends and emerging themes to identify investment opportunities
2.Topics of research may include scaling, privacy, modularity, DAO, Web3.0, GameFi, etc.
3.Contribute to the entire project lifecycle including: due diligence performance, negotiation and post-investment management
4.Write content for technical research reports for both internal and external distribution to help the company gain influence

1.Passion for crypto industry, with basic understanding and knowledge such as major public chains, DeFi, NFT, Cross-chain, Layer2
2.Strong writing, editing and critical thinking skills
3.Background in computer engineering or data analysis preferred

Note this role can be either full-time staff or internship-based.

Additional details on Internship:
1.Internship requires a commitment of minimum 2 months, 5 days/week
2.Students in junior year graduate school or first/second-year research programs with more flexible time are preferred
3.Interns with outstanding performance may be offered full-time positions upon graduation

Internship benefits:
1.Taking part in exciting crypto projects and directly communicating with project team members
2.Developing and maintaining valuable relationships throughout the projects
3.Staying connected with latest crypto development trends and closely involved in the fast-paced development of the industry
4.Market-competitive salary and benefits

Public Relations Intern

1.Develop and implement the company's PR communications strategy
2.Supervise content management through all of the company’s communication channels (Twitter, media, official website, WeChat official account, etc.)
3.Maintain cooperative and efficient relationships with the company's media partners, KOLs and other influencers

1.Knowledge of Coindesk, CoinTelegraph and international media channels
2.Experience in blockchain industry, ability to adapt to the industry’s ever-changing environment
3.Experience in conducting brand building and public relations
4.Fluency in English, strong writing skills and effective oral communication skills


1.Sourcing early stage investment opportunities in emergent companies and protocols
2.Working with the senior investment team on due diligence of prospective investments
3.Screening projects by reading protocol specifications and evaluating the technical teams
4.Reasoning through the emerging trends in the space and identifying non-obvious opportunities for deployment of capital
5.Working closely with technical teams on their crypto-economic model, smart contract security, and other questions that come up around protocols and software
6.Willingness to travel as necessary

1.Solid understanding of smart contracts scripting, cryptography, crypto-economics, and blockchain technologies generally
2.Ability to identify unconventional trends and emerging technologies
3.Sharp analytical mind with a killer instinct to identify deals in the market
4.Ability to aggregate information from a variety of sources including technical repositories and anecdotal feedback from teams, then draw informed conclusions from incomplete information
5.Able to explain complex concepts in simple terms to a non-technical audience
6.Obsession with the future of blockchain technology, web3, and low-level protocol development
7.An open minded research approach and genuine intellectual curiosity
8.A degree in a technical area (i.e. mathematics, engineering or computer science) and/or technical experience is strongly preferred

Job locations: Shanghai/ Singapore/Berlin/ San Francisco

For further questions or to submit your applications:
Email jun@capitalant.com or ml@capitalant.com

In the email subject line, please write position applied + name+ school (+ internship duration).
For example: Intern Application + James Lee + NTU + 6 months Internship
Please attach your resume and any of your previous research work in the field of blockchain.
[An iPhone 13 will be given to each referrer of a successful candidate who is hired by A&T Capital and employed for at least six months.]

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