Product Council

A&T Capital Product Council is a team of world-class advisors to help portfolio companies grow and thrive. Members of the council include early employees of tech giants or top-tier startups, with wide range of expertises in engineering, product, legal and business development

Andrew Vranjes
Sales, Business Development, M&A, Fundraising and Hiring.
Chris Kim
Legal, Freediving Entrepreneur and Athlete.
Christopher Plambeck
Analytics and Product Leader.
Eric Chang
Head of Product at Trust Wallet, ex VR Product Lead@Meta.
Jun Yu
Fundraising, Product and Finance.
Ming Ma
Startup Advisor, Product Management in DeFi, Social Media and SaaS.
Prithvi Rai
Data Security/Privacy, Product Management, Pre-IPO Compliance, Scalable Data Platforms.
Shreyas Doshi
Startup Advisor and Product Management.
Xiaoyin Qu
Startup Founder & CEO, Product Management, Thought Leader.