Product Council

A&T Capital Product Council is a team of world-class advisors to help portfolio companies grow and thrive. Members of the council include early employees of tech giants or top-tier startups, with wide range of expertises in engineering, product, legal and business development

Andrew Vranjes
Sales, Business Development, M&A, Fundraising and Hiring.
Chris Kim
Legal, Freediving Entrepreneur and Athlete.
Christopher Plambeck
Analytics and Product Leader.
Jun Yu
Fundraising, Product and Finance.
Ming Ma
Startup Advisor, Product Management in DeFi, Social Media and SaaS.
Prithvi Rai
Data Security/Privacy, Product Management, Pre-IPO Compliance, Scalable Data Platforms.
Shreyas Doshi
Startup Advisor and Product Management.
Xiaoyin Qu
Startup Founder & CEO, Product Management, Thought Leader.